Restaurant Da Meo Patacca in Rome


Our story

In July 1959 Remington Olmsted, American actor and Roman of adoption, conceived and founded the restaurant Da Meo Patacca in Rome. He recreated the atmosphere of a Roman tavern of the nineteenth century within the splendid setting of Trastevere, historical and architectural gem of medieval Rome.
The dishes, the location, the furnishings: everything in the restaurant Da Meo Patacca expresses history, the rich and fascinating history of the city, but above all the history of the Roman people and their ancient traditions; the lighting is still entrusted to the gas lights, to the oil pans, to candles and soft lights, the waiters are in costumes of the time, professional musicians go around the tables every evening entertaining the customers with Roman songs, jokes and folk songs.

The restaurant Da Meo Patacca offers typical dishes of the Roman cuisine; they are poor but strong of a tradition of the slaughterhouse, purely popular, but rich in flavours and tastes ranging from the first to second courses, with a particular predilection for vegetables. The quality and professionalism are the two characteristics that characterize the service of this restaurant.